The Importance of Compliance in the Financial Services Industry

Compliance in the financial industry is very crucial to protect the business, customers and workers. Enforcing compliance helps your business pinpoint any violation of rules, protect your clients and employee’s integrity, check on prospective customers, earn trust & credibility and save the company from unnecessary fines and lawsuits, and financial risks.

At Tech View, we offer Compliance Onboarding solutions for the Following:

- Know Your Customer (KYC) Onboarding. Check on your prospective clients and save yourself from any trouble of providing services to insolvent individuals or organizations.
- Know Your Business (KYB). Keep track of all the internal changes and updates in your business from changes in the board directors, financial status updates, risk identification and mitigation, and business opportunities. We provide continuous business monitoring and provide real-time alerts of any changes within the company based on real-time data.
- Know Your Employee Onboarding. We help you screen prospective employees to ensure they are fit for your business. By enforcing employee compliance programs your business instills responsible behavior to your employees, promote a good working environment, help employees to work in line with the company's goals and adhere to company standards, motivate recognition, and reporting of any unethical behaviour or action.