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Client onboarding is a tedious and critical component in any business. The process includes data gathering and a rigorous background check of your potential customers or employees, known in the compliance process as Know Your Customer or Know Your Client or simply KYC. The process also includes KYB or Know Your Business which is the proper screening of clients for the purpose of disseminating business information on a need-to-know basis to prevent undesirable data leakage.
We at Tech View aim to transform complex client onboarding and the overall compliance process into a simple and efficient solution to your business.

What are the Benefits of Client Onboarding?

- A client who is fully aware of the services and opportunities your business can offer them are most likely to become loyal customers leading to better business relations and customer retention - Information collection and recording become more efficient - Better compliance process and business continuity - Reduce cost and improve the overall productivity of the business

Why Choose Tech View's Digital Client Onboarding and Compliance Process?

- We provide real time compliance monitoring and background check for accelerated onboarding process - Reduce risk and compliance costs and improve compliance monitoring and reporting - Effective KYC, KYB, AML and IDV checking means a smooth business operation

Industries that Benefit from Effective Onboarding Process

Financial Services
Financial Services depend greatly on KYC compliance in securing potential business transactions and reducing risk of money laundering. Tech View provides real time KYC and AML checks for faster verification.
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